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1995 Chevy S-10

1995 Chevy S-10 with an Extended Cab is the Best Truck I Ever Owned

I own a raspberry 1995 Chevy S-10 with an extended cab as well as a truck cap. This truck has been a real blessing from the very beginning. First off, the truck was a gift from a friend who needed a housekeeper. I didn’t have a car at the time, but I was able to do housekeeping if only I could get a ride. Our town had (still has) no bus system, and cabs cost too much. I walked to most places, so when I got the truck, it widened my horizons almost instantaneously. I was able to secure and keep two housekeeping positions. I was able to haul more than I could carry in a backpack. When it was time to move, I didn’t have to get a moving van. My little truck was the perfect vehicle to use for short distance moving and hauling.

I take my little truck camping from time to time. As I get older, it is more difficult to sleep on the ground in a tent. The S-10 truck bed is the perfect size for a single mattress and much more comfortable than sleeping on an air mattress. The extended cab gives me plenty of room for a cooler and my gear. The truck cap is much more secure than a tent, and it features screened windows. It is quite cozy for one person.

I perform in a drum group from time to time, and I play a huge drum called a Djun Dun. My S-10 can haul all my drum gear, and I even throw in my radio flier wagon to transport my drum from the truck to the stage. Occasionally I transport other drummers and their drum gear as well as mine. My S-10 has never been too full to take on just a little bit more.

I am an avid recycler, and I make a little money hauling scrap from time to time. I save up a pile of scrap in my yard, and when it looks to be a full load, I load up the scrap and head off to the scrap yard. I have never been disappointed in the extra income I can make by being thrifty. I run ads in Craigslist for little hauling jobs that come up. So my truck has been a money maker, and I can’t imagine what would do without that extra income.

My little truck gets as good mileage as any car I have ever owned, and it is much more useful as a tool to me. As gas prices rise, it will be more imperative than ever to have an economical vehicle. My little S-10 is about as good as it gets.