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how to apply a spray on bed liner to your truck bed

How to Apply a Spray-On Bed Liner to Your Truck Bed

A truck bed is a useful tool. We use it to carry everything from furniture to firewood and much more. Without a bed, a truck would not be able to pull its weight as a useful vehicle, and yet it is often neglected. Abrasive cargo such as rocks, sand, and wood can often scratch and ding a truck bed, causing trouble later.

Truck Bed Damage

Scratching the paint inside your truck bed may not seem like a big deal at first. It’s hidden from general view, so many people don’t worry about it. However, as time goes by, surface rust can start to build on the exposed metal. The surface rust will eat away at the metal, weakening the area. Over time a scratched and rusted area can spread and create large holes, especially in a truck that is regularly parked in the elements rather than kept in a garage. This can be a major problem for the hauling capacity of the vehicle.

Bed Liners

A very good solution to this problem is the application of a spray on bed liner. A spray on bed liner is applied directly to the bed of the truck just as you would apply paint. It is scratch resistant and protects the metal of the truck bed from moisture and rust. A drop-in bed liner cannot offer the same protection. A drop-in bed liner will actually rub against the metal, slowly rubbing the paint away in multiple areas, thus causing more damage than it prevents.

Applying a Spray On Bed liner

Most really good do-it-yourself sprays on bed liners are not actually sprayed on, as the misnomer suggests, but rather rolled on with a roller just like painting a wall. The first thing you will need to do before applying the liner is to clean your truck bed thoroughly. This may seem like an obvious step, but, if not done, dirt can actually cause the bed liner to start to peel away from the surface later. Next, tape off the boundaries of the bed. Once the bed is clean and taped off, you’ll want to use steel wool to scuff the areas that will be painted. This will help the liner to bond with the body of the truck bed. Now, using a paintbrush, spread the bed liner liquid into the hard to reach areas such as corners where the roller cannot fit. Once complete, use the roller to cover the rest of the truck bed with a layer of spray-on bed liner.

Multiple Coats and Curing

Let each coat dry for at least 30 minutes before applying the next coat. Apply at least four coats of bed liner to the bed of your truck so that you can get a good thick liner in the bed. Do not let the layers of the liner get wet during installation. Once the final layer is applied, allow the bed liner to dry for at least 3 days before putting anything in the bed of the truck. You now have a protective bed liner that will protect your truck bed for many years to come.